Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Battery Backed 32K Cartridge - Perfect for saving your high scores!!!

We have been looking at these for years, now we have found a source for the components we have made the leap and manufactured some.

Based on a cartridge from the 1980s we have improved the design!

The 32K Cart allows you to load and save from cartridge without loosing the contents - plus you can move and store the cartridge for years and years and years!


  1. Interesting! Is the main program data held permanently on one eprom and the save data on another temporary one? I.e. if the battery dies is all the data lost or just the 'high scores'?

    1. We would expect the battery to last 20+ years, ones from the 1980 still work today.

  2. It will available very soon direct from us, we are waiting on the manuals from the printers.


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