Friday, 3 June 2016

OVP 64 - Over Voltage Protector 64 now on sale

The first batch of OVP 64 are now on sale for just £14.95 plus postage.


  1. Hi! How can we purchase? Thanks !

  2. Any plans for a C128 version? As running one and worry about over taxing it with the SD2IEC, port expanders, etc..

    Just ordered this on ebay as my 1541 UltimateII+ should be on the way this week for my general use C64. If it is as good as I think it is, I will try to get 2 more for my cynthCART 2/SIDcartII and MSSIAH setups on my other 2 C64s. C64 are pretty cheap but the addon I want to protect.

  3. The OVP 64 is a work in progress, we made lots of revisions before we got one that we were happy to sell, and we are now on a new design, the RED version and soon we will have a cased one. As for the 128 we have only been able to source a few of the square din sockets and plugs, but they are very expensive, so its unlikely we will be able to get enough to make a OVP 128.


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