Monday, 1 August 2016

At last diagnostic harness for the Commodore 64 586220 Diagnostic Cartridge

We have sold the 586220 Diagnostic Cartridge for many years and there has always been other sellers with the harness, but sadly those sellers are no longer trading and others are selling the harness for over $80, so we are now making them.

The PCBs for the user port have now arrived and the harnesses are on the way from China.

Hopefully a great way to get the Diagnostic cartridge, Harness with user port cartridge, full printed manaul all for under £50!


  1. This is very good. When you get it all done I like to buy one. Thank you for doing this.

    I guess just keep checking back here or better if could e-mail me when it's ready to buy.

    -Raymond Day

  2. The User Port Interface for the harness is assembled and tested and we are no working on the wiring harness.

    1. Hi Tim, where can i buy the wireing harness and diagnostic cardridge?


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